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Study Space / March 27, 2024

TheStudy3_blogThis afternoon, students, staff and faculty gathered to celebrate the grand opening of The Study, a new space for students who want to focus on homework. An extension of the Student Success Center, The Study is located in the southwest corner of the JCA. It takes the place of the former Commuter Center Lounge, which has since relocated to The Den.

“I’m so glad you’ve all made yourselves at home, ” said Dean of Student Kim Stave to the group before her. “We’re so excited to open up this space. Our hope is that The Study will become a bustling center of academic effort and success. It’s been exciting to see this come to life!”

The Study offers computers and a printer, as well as several cozy areas designed for individual or group study. Food is permitted, and the space is available during the same hours as the JCA Student Center, which is typically open from 6:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.

TheStudy1_blogThe new space will be overseen by Christy Martin, assistant director for housing & academic support. And while The Study will usually be unstaffed, Martin announced there will be weekly study hall sessions when students can drop in without an appointment to meet with a staff member or tutor.

“We can provide more opportunities for students to maximize their learning, ” says Martin. “We want this to be a place where people can learn from one another, connect with staff, and just drop in and get some homework done.”

Elementary Education major Sarah Carrier already plans on making The Study a regular haunt. “I think it’s a really beneficial and needed space, ” she says. It’s homey and conducive for studying. I think students will really benefit from it.”


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