The Value of Space Exploration

Problems In space exploration

Space Exploration / January 24, 2023

Spacecraft will have to have storage room for oxygen. Atmospheric pressure is necessary for life. Your body has pressure. The atmosphere has pressure. These pressures must be about the same for human beings to breathe. Since there is no atmosphere in space, there is no atmospheric pressure.
In space there would be pressure outward from our bodies, but no pressure on the human body from the outside. This would be fatal. Spacecraft, space stations, and space suits will have to be pressurized so that people inside them will have about the same atmospheric pressure on them that they have at sea level.

Space is dark

Light rays travel from the sun through space, but there is no light. In order for light rays to be seen, they must be reflected from something. In space there are no particles to reflect light rays. It will be dark.
When an object such as a spacecraft enters space, the light rays will be reflected from the craft. The craft will be a dazzling contrast to the dark space around it.
An astronaut will have to be extremely cautious about his eyes. When he turns away from the sun, there will be complete darkness. The pupils of the eyes will adjust by opening wide. If he turns his head toward the bright spacecraft, it might be dangerous. The contrast is much greater than we are used to on earth. Of course, astronauts will be carefully trained never to look directly at the sun. That would be painful and very harmful.

Space has no heat

Rays from the sun travel through space. But they must be absorbed by something to produce heat. If there is nothing to absorb the rays, there is no heat. When rays from the sun strike a spacecraft, two things will happen. Some of the rays will be reflected from it. Some will be absorbed and turned into heat energy.
The atmosphere protects the earth from the intense rays of the sun. In space there will be no such protection. The spacecraft will have to be made so that it reflects some of the rays or it will be impossible for man to remain alive. The craft will have to absorb just enough rays for comfort.