Graduate Student Seminars

UMass Amherst Physics Department

Study Space / February 13, 2022

  • Stefan Dickert: Conductivity of Gold Nanoparticle Thin Films and Magnetoresistance of Metallic Thin Films Embedded With Periodic Arrays of Cobalt Nanoparticles – Tuominen
  • Jiansheng Feng: Investigations of Surface Tension Effects Due to Small-Scale Complex Boundaries – Rothstein/MIE
  • Hunter King: Pattern Formation in Floating Sheets – Menon
  • Philippe Martel: Measuring Proton Spin Polarizabilities with Polarized Compton Scattering – Miskimen
  • German Colon: Search for TeV-Scale Gravity Signatures in Final States with Leptons and Jets with the ATLAS Detector – Dallapiccola

Ph.D. Graduates

  • Ufuk Aydemir: Topics in High Energy Physics Beyond the Standard Model – Donoghue
  • Thomas J. Blackburn: Quantum Corrections to the Gravitational Scattering of Massless Particles”, – Holstein
  • Amaresh Datta: Understanding Hard Interactions in QCD and the Search for the Gluon Spin Contribution to the Spin of the Proton – Kawall
  • Marcelo Dias: Swelling and Folding as Mechanisms of 3D Shape Formation in Thin Elastic Sheets – Santangelo
  • Alexander Eliseev: Theory of interacting polyelectrolytes under confinement – Muthukumar/PSE
  • Jing Hua: Phase Transitions in Polyelectrolyte Systems – Muthukumar/PSE
  • Luis Mercado: Probing Novel Properties of Nucleons and Nuclei via Parity-Violating Scattering – Kumar
  • Satya R.P. Mohapatra: Wide parameter searches for gravitational-waves from binary black hole coalescences with ground-based laser interferometers – Cadonati
  • Jared Vanasse: Parity-Violation in Neutron Deuteron Scattering in Pionless Effective Field Theory - Holstein
  • Xuan Ding: Toward the "bijel" structure: light scattering and morphology studies of spinodal decomposition in polymer blends mixed with nanoparticle – Dinsmore/Russell (PSE)
  • Kevin Facto: Measurements of Gravity Driven Granular Channel Flows – Candela
  • Emily Thompson: Search for Contact Interactions with Dimuons at the ATLAS Detector – Willocq
  • Tianyu Yang: Manipulation of Magnetization States of Ferromagnetic Nanorings – Tuominen
  • Chuan Zeng: Capillary Interactions among Microparticles and Nanoparticles at Fluid Interfaces – Dinsmore

M.S. Graduates with Thesis

  • Alessandra Baas: Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of the Higgs Mechanism in the Standard Model and Beyond – Golowich
  • Robert Boge: Ultrafast TRPL Using TPA – Achermann
  • Stephan Burkhardt: Efficiency of Parallel Tempering for Ising Systems – Machta
  • Mohamed Anber: Frontiers in Theoretical High Energy Physics: From Physics Beyond the Standard Model to Cosmology – Sorbo
  • Surachate Kalasin: Understanding and Exploiting Nanoscale Surface Heterogeneity for Particle and Cell Manipulation – Santore (PSE)
  • Kan Du: Self-assembly of Nanoparticles at Liquid-liquid Interfaces – Dinsmore/Russell (PSE)
  • Jiangshui Huang: Wrinkling of Floating Thin Polymer Films – Menon/Russell (PSE)
  • Nikhil Malvankar: Investigations of Electron Transport and Storage Mechanisms in Microbial Biofilms – Tuominen
  • Michael Ray: Experiments on Solid 4He – Hallock
  • Hongqiang Wang: Experiments and Simulations on Granular Gases – Menon
  • Sibel Ebru Yalcin: Characterization and Interactions of Ultrafast Surface Plasmon Pulses – Achermann
  • John Cummings: Bilayer Bolometers to Kosterlitz-Thouless: A Study of Helium Films. – Hallock
  • Wenfeng Kang: Numerical Studies of Granular Gases. – Machta
  • Emmanuele Salvati: Rare decays in BaBar: search for decays of the neutral B meson into two leptons and measurement of CP asymmetry in inclusive radiative decays of the B meson into a strange-quark system. – Dallapiccola
  • Sebnem Gunes Soyler: Novel Superfluid States in Bosonic Systems. – Prokofiev
  • Yikuan Wang: Exciton-Plasmon Interactions in Hybrid Metal-Semiconductor Nanostructures. – Achermann
  • Qijun Xiao: Hierarchical multiple bit clusters and patterned media enabled by novel nanofabrication techniques – High resolution EBL and block polymer self assembly. – Tuominen
  • Ozgur Yavuzcetin: Nanofabrication Techniques For Nanophotonics. – Tuominen
  • Christian Reuschle: A Neural Network Based Background Suppression Technique Applied to VHE Gamma Ray Data Coming From the Crab Pulsar. – Blaylock