Reach for the Stars With Space

Masters in Space Science

Study Space / September 5, 2022

At Florida Tech, passion doesn't end with a Bachelor's Degree.

Video: Feels Like Florida Tech

If you're interested in going to Florida Tech, you'll want to watch our new video to see just what it "feels like".

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Space sciences at Florida Tech have set the standard since 1958, successfully preparing students for high-tech careers at top space agencies, research firms and government organizations. Florida Tech’s master’s in space sciences program includes a wide range of space-related fields including stellar and extragalactic astrophysics, cosmology and the origin and evolution of the universe, solar-terrestrial interrelation, cosmic ray physics and exo-planets, to name a few.

Exceptional Learning Environment

The program gives global insight into the scientific community and enhances understanding of trending topics and technology. Small class sizes allow professors to mentor students in a close-knit one-on-one academic environment. Faculty members are active researchers in three primary areas: Geospace Physics, Astronomy/Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences. They are also members of the CanariCam Science Team, giving students access to guaranteed time on the 10.4 m GTC, currently the largest ground-based Optical-IR telescope.


As a leading research university, Florida Tech offers students in the master’s in space sciences program nearly endless research opportunities that align with their career goals. Graduates work with world-class scientists on cutting-edge research topics such as solar-Earth magnetospheric and ionospheric interactions, cosmic ray propagation, thunderstorm and lightning physics, black holes and dark energy. Unique internships are also possible due to the university’s proximity to Kennedy Space Center. Students in the master’s in space sciences program have access to several laboratories and facilities, including the Geospace Physics Laboratory (GPL), the Astronomy/Astrophysics Laboratory, and the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing.


With a master’s in space sciences, graduates can continue their research in a doctoral program or begin their career in a range of space-related careers in private industry, government or research laboratories. Graduates might also choose to teach, or specialize in meteorology, physics or astronomy. Due to the high quality of Florida Tech’s research opportunities, a vast number of students have won NASA and Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC) fellowships.

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