Top 9 Universities for Physics

Best Schools for Physics

Schools / October 12, 2022

Free undergraduate level physics courses from MIT, with lecture notes, assignments and exams with solutions. Great for independent study or revision.

In these 10 minute video clips, legendary physicist Richard Feynman sits down in an armchair at his Californian home to explain the physics that underpins the world around us.

The most interesting and important topics in physics, stressing conceptual understanding rather than math, with applications to current events. Also available on youtube.

An impressive collection of simple and clearly explained video tutorials about a range of physics topics (as well as maths, chemistry and more) suitable for secondary school level students. Make sure you have your sound turned on.

Comprehensive physics website started by a teacher covering forces, motion and optics, waves and electricity. Lots of animations, simulations and other handy learning tools.

A fantastic interactive introduction to relativity, covering everything from the background to e=mc2 and special relativity.

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