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Colleges / September 13, 2022

Eddie and Ozzie Awards 2015

Best App/Digital Edition – Association/Non-profit (B-to-B)

The Folio Eddie and Ozzie Awards recognize excellence in magazine editorial and design. The Physics World digital magazine (app and desktop) was selected as the best offering in the Association/Non-profit (B-to-B) category.

MemCom Awards 2012

Best Magazine – Professional Association or Royal College

MemCom is a marketing organization that recognizes Physics World as the best magazine in the Professional Association or Royal College category.

SIPAwards 2012

Best Use of Social Media

The Specialised Information Publishers Association (SIPA) recognizes the way in which Physics World's editorial and marketing teams make excellent use of social media.

Online Media Awards 2011

Best Specialist Site for Journalism

The Online Media Awards acknowledges the team's passion for its subject and the ability to both deliver its editorial mission and serve its audiences.

SIPA UK Awards 2011

Best Editorial and Marketing Collaboration

The Specialised Information Publishers Association (SIPA) recognizes the collaborative efforts of Physics World's editorial and marketing teams to fully embrace new-media channels to promote and drive readership.

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