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Colleges / October 20, 2022

University of Pennsylvania performed extremely well in a recent ranking of physics degree programs. College Factual ranks programs offered by 4-year U.S. Colleges and Universities and has recently updated their 2017 rankings.

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University of Pennsylvania's physics program was ranked 8 out of 245 nationwide. This means the physics program at UPenn is a top 10 program in the U.S.

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University of Pennsylvania's physics program has also been ranked 1 out of 20 in the state of Pennsylvania. This makes the physics program at UPenn the best in state.

UPenn improved its ranking position in Pennsylvania by 1 slots over its previous year's ranking of 2.

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Superior Outcomes at University of Pennsylvania for Students Earning Physics Degrees

Based upon PayScale survey data*, a student who graduates from UPenn with a degree in physics will make average early-career earnings of $63, 000 and average mid-career earnings of $120, 000. This is 57.4% above the national average of all graduates who make $40, 000 in their early career. It is also 78.0% above the average graduate's mid-career salary of $67, 000.

About University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in what is generally considered a city environment serving approximately 11, 550 undergraduate students. Learn more about UPenn.

About College Factual

College Factual, located in Troy, New York, is a leading source of college data analytics and insights, with a strong focus on student outcomes. Their mission is to help all types of students discover their best-fit college and major so they can enjoy their college experience and graduate with less debt. College Factual provides coverage for over 2, 500 colleges and universities, 350 college majors, for students in over 160 countries. Learn more about College Factual.

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