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College Astronomy Textbook

Colleges / January 16, 2024

the horsehead nebulaAstronomy 1 (Astr 1)
Introduction to Astronomy

Introduction to the universe and insight into its mysteries: Development of modern astronomy, light, astronomical instruments, a brief survey of the solar system, the Sun, the stars, novas and supernovas, neutron stars, black holes, galaxies, and cosmology.


The mission of the Astronomy Department at College of Alameda is to introduce students to the Universe and insight into its mysteries. Students will learn how observations have shaped theories of basic astronomical phenomena and the evolution of the Universe.

Student Learning Objectives

  1. Differentiate between planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe in terms of scale.
  2. Explain and discuss basic astronomical phenomena, including the seasons, the phases of the Moon, eclipses, and planetary motion.
  3. Explain and discuss the origin, development, and properties of planetary systems, stars, galaxies, and the universe.
  4. Explain how theories in astronomy are based on observations.

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