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Astronomy training

Astronomy / July 11, 2024

The goal of the Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) is to develop and present workshops using Galileo’s telescopic investigations to teach the process of science, problem-solving, and collaboration in an inquiry-based education framework, resulting in an ongoing and evolving teacher professional development opportunity for modeling science process in the classroom.

The Galileo Teacher Training Program is a signature program of the U.S. International Year of Astronomy effort. Go to to learn more about the wide array of IYA programs and events designed to provide astronomy experiences for everyone, in celebration of 400 years of discovery since Galileo’s first observations of the heavens through a telescope.

A Galileo Teacher Training Program workshop focuses on four areas:

  • An activity recreating Galileo’s observations of Jupiter’s moons, demonstrating a hands-on, inquiry-based, collaborative approach to scientific investigation, illustrating the process of science
  • International Year of Astronomy resources and activities
  • Fundamental concepts to meet curriculum goals
  • Resources adaptable for use in the classroom

Many GTTP workshops include the use of activities involving a portable, user-friendly telescope developed for IYA: the Galileoscope. Professional development opportunities utilizing the Galileoscope are currently under development and will be available through the Project ASTRO National Network and other venues, as well as online.

Graduates of the workshop may become Galileo Teacher Ambassadors with access to the national network of Galileo Teacher Ambassadors.

Source: www.astrosociety.org