Astronomy courses UK

Astronomy / September 20, 2022

A six week course designed for more advanced students

This six week course builds on the foundation provided by the introductory course but you do not need to have completed our introductory course to take part if you already have a basic understanding of astronomy.

The aim of the course is to provide a good overview of modern astronomy and astrophysics and will:

1. Provide a good overview of some key scientific methods applied to modern astronomy
2. Introduce several modern ideas and current research areas in astronomy and astrophysics
3. Develop certain topics in more depth than in introductory courses.

The course discusses how modern science is applied to developing our understanding of a wide range of astronomical objects and other, more exotic astrophysical phenomena, and how these fit together into processes currently believed to be operating in the Universe.

The focus is on modern ideas and results, observations and theories. We discuss some of the basic science behind how we know what we know, or think we know, about different types of astronomical objects and processes including how and why they evolve and how they helped create a life-bearing environment on the Earth.

Some basic science about astronomical observations over the whole electromagnetic spectrum, telescopes, detectors and spectroscopy, will be introduced to provide an idea of how astronomers go about finding out information about objects in deep space. We shall take a look at observations and astrophysics of stars, nebulae and the interstellar medium, and also explore some cutting-edge, frontier topics including active galaxies, relativity, and the origin and fate of the Universe.

No previous science or maths knowledge is required and students do not need to have taken the introductory courses but some familiarity with basic astronomy is assumed.

Course Format

Week 1: Introduction, astronomical telescopes and instruments, non optical telescopes.

Week 2: The sun as a star, Nucleosynthesis, The interstellar medium and nebulae

Week 3: The evolution of stars, The ends of stars

Week 4: Gravity, the speed of light and special relativity, General relativity and gravity

Week 5: The universe on the large scale, The milky way as a galaxy, Galaxies and black holes. Normal and active galaxies

Week 6: Cosmology, The big bang and the creation of the universe The end of the universe?

Time 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Dates 1 February - 8 March
Cost £85

Course lecturer: Jarvis Brand

Numbers are limited to 30 people per course so book early!

BOOKING ESSENTIAL and is now OPEN for this course

Please phone the Centre on 31 to secure your place using a debit or credit card.

Alternatively you can book online using the eventbrite link below. Please note there is a booking fee for online booking.

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